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Swift Scientific LLC represents premium manufacturers of scientific laboratory equipment, reagents, and biologics. We specialize in matching unique research and development technologies with specific lab application requirements.

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Outsource your sales representation to us. We will generate leads, qualify, offer technical presentations and/or demonstrations, and facilitate purchases.

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Are you launching an innovative instrument and want to challenge existing methods and entrenched competitors? We can employ a missionary approach to identify best-fit organizations and labs. We will recruit beta sites or early adopters to lay the foundation for long term product success.

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We offer representation in 9 states in the Northeast US, which include several Top 50 pharmaceutical companies and major academic medical research centers.

Product Lines We Represent

BrainBits LLC

BrainBits LLC

Micro-surgically dissected rodent tissues and essential media. Shipped fresh overnight, never frozen.


Services for in vitro 2D and 3D cell assays, whole mount analysis, and digital pathology services.


SEPMAG manufactures homogenous biomagnetic separation equipment. Its systems enhance the reproducibility of diagnostic kits eliminating assay variability, recover the maximum of beads and facilitate the validation process through a full scale up technology.
Hycult Biotech Logo

Hycult Biotech

Research reagents in the field of innate immunity, with a focus on products relating to antimicrobial peptides, complement, acute phase proteins, TLR, LPS and microbial toxins. Assays, antibodies, proteins, and peptides.

Cube Biotech

Products for membrane protein applications that facilitate structure-based drug design, including expression, purification, and structure analysis. Active membrane proteins, nanodiscs, resins, and more.

IKERLAT Polymers

Personalized polymer particles used as magnifiers of antigen-antibody reactions. Other uses include photonic crystals, colloidal models, calibration and verification processes.


SCREEN has commercialized a high-speed 3D cell culture scanner and cell morphology analysis system that both use our proprietary image processing technologies. The devices are able to perform high-speed measurement and analysis of the multiplication and morphological changes in cells without using a test reagent.


StemoniX is accelerating the discovery of new drugs by creating ready-to-use pre-clinical plates of biologically relevant human micro-organs. They currently are launching their microHeart and microBrain products and services to help find cures for cardiac and nervous system diseases as well as pandemics.

Bio-Works Technologies

Bio-Works manufactures agarose-based resins and columns used to separate proteins and other biomolecules.

ROKIT Healthcare

ROKIT manufactures the INVIVO 3D Bioprinter and associated bio-inks. This benchtop technology is capable of creating three-dimensional tissue structures in an environmentally controlled, sterile environment.

BioSpyder Technologies

BioSpyder Technologies has developed a novel product for targeted sequencing called TempO-Seq®, a gene expression profiling tool designed to monitor hundreds to thousands of genes at once in high throughput. TempO-Seq can analyze expression in samples with thousands of cells or from single cells without pre-amplification, maximizing utilization of precious or limited samples.

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Owen has been providing automation equipment and specialized consumable supplies to life science researchers in the Northeast US since 2005. His experience spans the drug development pipeline from discovery and basic research through to manufacturing. Owen has worked with some of the most prominent pharmaceutical companies and university medical centers to advance their research through better technology. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Bowdoin College and an MBA from the University of Connecticut.

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